Piqosity is designed by educators for educators. Whether you're a teacher of a public school ACT or SAT prep course or a tutor for a family taking the ISEE for a private school, our free educator account will give you more insight and control over your students' prep. 

Note that your registered e-mail address must be validated before you can add students.

Primary Features

  1. Manage students by Class or Group
  2. Monitor Student Progress
  3. Give Assignments with Due Dates
  4. Answer Student Questions
  5. Add Students

1. Manage Students by Class or Group

Creating a class is the first thing that you should do after registering as an educator. All students must be part of a class/ group.

  1. From the dashboard, click on the green, "Add Class" button
  2. According to your need, name your class something broad like "ACT Students" or more specific like "Block 1"
  3. Assign a course to the class
  4. Add students to your class by inviting them or having them sign up through a unique URL

2. Monitor Student Progress

In the classroom or courses (pictured below) view, you'll see a table with stats for each of your students like score, questions worked, and date of last activity (upcoming stats include gain, pace, and average difficulty). 

You can also click on the student's name or picture to view their account as if you were that student

3. Give Assignments with Due Dates

Teachers and Tutors can assign their students problem sets with due dates. You can let Piqosity automatically choose the questions according to a student's strengths and weaknesses or manually select each question.

Click here to learn more about the assignment feature.

4. Answer Student Questions

After students submit practice for scoring on Piqosity, they'll see answer explanations. However, sometimes there isn't a pre-existing explanation or the one that's there doesn't work for that student.

In this case, the student can request an answer explanation, and educators are asked to contribute a new one.

Learn more how to Respond to Requests for Answer Explanations.

5. Add Students to a Class

You can add students to your account from either the dashboard or from a selected class. To add students from the dashboard, click on either:

Note that students must be added to a particular class.