The Educator Dashboard is the heart of Piqosity for teachers and tutors. The dashboard is the first thing you see every time you log in. It allows you to:

  1. Create classes by clicking on the "+ Class Room" link and toggle between class views by clicking on the appropriate tab
  2. Add students to a class (see this article for more information)
  3. View statistics for all students in the class
    1. Average predicted exam score
    2. Total number of questions worked by all students
  4. See an overview of individual student performance
    1. Estimated exam day score
    2. % of student-set goal completed
    3. Weighted score (0 to 5 with 5 being highest)
    4. Accuracy
    5. # of questions worked
    6. Date of last practice
    7. (the red x allows you to delete students from the class)
  5. View a student's account as if you were that student. This function allows you to "impersonate" your students meaning that you can see and do everything they can. To switch back to your tutor dashboard while impersonating a student, click on the "switch user" icon (∞) next to the user name in the top right (#8 in the diagram below). Click here for more information about the student dashboard.
  6. View statistics for all students preparing for a given subject and irrespective of which class they're assigned to by clicking on the green "View Course Stats" button
  7. View and respond to answer explanation requests from your and other students by clicking on the "Q and A" tab
  8. Edit your user profile or log out by clicking on your name and choose from the drop down menu