Teachers and Tutors can assign their students lessons, question sets, and full-length tests with Piqosity's Assignments feature. When combined with Piqosity's Personalized Practice feature you can let Piqosity automatically choose the questions your student sees according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

(Note that you do not have to assign students problem sets in order for them to use Piqosity. By default, any registered student can start practicing on their own without specific assignments from a tutor or teacher.)


1. Head to your Course Dashboard.

2. Find and open the Assignment tool.

3. Enter the Assignment's basic information and assign students.

4. Add lesson and question sections to your assignment.

5. Submit your assignment to save and send it to students.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Assignments

Step 1 - Head to your Course Dashboard.

From your Educator Dashboard, click on the "Courses" tab. Then, click on the course that you would like to create an assignment for. This will take you to that course's Dashboard.

Step 2 - Find and open the Assignment tool.

Click the "Assignments" tab on the Course Dashboard. This page will show you all the assignments that you've created for the selected course. 

To build an assignment click the green "Create Assignment" button.

Step 3 - Enter the Assignment's basic information and assign students.

Fill in the basics for the assignment. This includes the assignment name, due date, directions, and type. 

Note: The assignment type should be "Student" for work that you would like the student to do on their own and "Class" for work that you would like your students to complete as a class. Piqosity will not factor "Class" assignments into a students' score prediction or overall progress calculations.

At the bottom of the assignments container you can select each student that you would like the assignment to apply to. Click the checkbox next to the name of each student whom you would like to receive the assignment.

Step 4 - Add lessons and questions to your assignment and rearrange it with Drag and Drop. 

Once you have filled out the basics and selected your students, you can build out the assignment. Clicking the "+" button adds a section to the assignment.

  • Each time you click the "+" button you'll be prompted to select the type of section you are creating: Lessons or Questions. 
    • Selecting "Lessons" will show a list of all lessons in the course. You can select one lesson per section for a student to review as part of their homework.
    • Selecting "Questions" will allow you to create question sets from several sources:
      • Personalized Practice automatically selects questions according to a student's weakest areas or where they haven’t yet practiced.
      • My Tests and Units allows you to assign content that you've created on Piqosity.
      • All Tests and Units allows you to assign content from all approved sources on Piqosity, including Piqosity's full-length practice tests (for test prep students who have access to them). 
      • You can toggle between Personalized Practice, My Tests and Units, and All Tests and Units by clicking on their corresponding green buttons in the assignment creator.

Sections will save automatically as you build them. Meanwhile, you can click the "x" in the Question/Section tab to delete a section.

Step 5 - Submit your assignment to save and send it to students.

Once you have created all of the lesson and question sections that you would like to include in your assignment click the green "Submit" button at the bottom of the container. 

If this button is greyed out and does not allow you to click, then you're likely missing information from the "Basics" tab. Make sure that you have:

  • Added a title
  • Selected a due date
  • Selected students for the assignment to be given to