Teachers and Tutors can assign their students problem sets with due dates. You can let Piqosity automatically choose the questions according to a student's strengths and weaknesses or manually select each question.

(Note that you do not have to assign students problem sets in order for them to use Piqosity. By default, any registered student can start practicing on their own without specific assignments from a tutor or teacher.)


  1. Select the type of questions to assign
    1. Personalized
    2. Full-Length Tests
    3. Pick and Choose
    4. Or select from your Question Bank
  2. Choose the students you want to assign them to
  3. Pick a due date
  4. Assign

Step-By-Step How-To Guide

Step 1 - From your teacher dashboard, navigate to the class you want to create the assignment for and click on the "Assignments" tab.

Step 2 - Click on "Create Assignment"

Or, if you have already created an assignment, you can find details below:

  • 2a - A list of all previously created assignments for this class; clicking on the list shows you the questions in the assignment
  • 2b - The number of questions in the assignment
  • 2c - The average difficulty of the assigned questions
  • 2d - The average percentage of students on Piqosity getting those questions correct
  • 2e - The number of students who have completed the assignment over the number of students assigned; click on this number to see a table view of assigned students including their completion status and score result
  • 2f - The due date you assigned for the assignment
  • 2g - The ability to delete the assignment entirely from the system

Step 3 - Choose the problems you want to assign in the window that comes up after you clicked on "Assignment"

  • 3a - Determine how you want to pick questions
    • "Personalized" lets Piqosity pick unique questions for each student according to their individual strengths and weaknesses
    • "Full-Length Tests" lets you assign an entire full-length practice test to students. If you want to assign only a specific section or "Mini test", click on the arrow next to the test name and a dropdown menu will appear with each section. Select the section you wish to assign by checking the box. Please note that only one section or "mini test" can be assigned at a time.
    • "Pick & Choose" lets you browse all questions on Piqosity to pick the exact ones you want for every student
    • "Question Bank" lets you browse and select questions from your Question Bank
  • 3b - Refine the questions to pick by filtering by topic and sub-topic (optional)

Step 4 - Select students, due date, name, and assign!

  • 4a - Click on the check box by the student you want to include in the assignment
  • 4b - Select a due date
  • 4c - Name the assignment
  • 4d - Click on "Create Assignment" at which point your students will receive both an e-mail notification and an in-app notification of the impending assignment