Students can request new or different explanations to questions that they don't know how to work (see how). 

This request will go specifically to their own assigned teacher as well to any teacher with a class in the same subject. 

  1. To start, make sure you're viewing the Class for which you want to answer questions.
  2. The table below shows the new requests including the topic, question, and comment (if any) from the requesting student. You'll also see what percentage of students answer the question correctly, the name of the requesting student, and the date they made the request.
  3. To respond to a request and add your own explanation, simply click on the "Add Answer" button which will launch a pop up window
  4. You'll have a full set of formatting tools including the ability to insert a picture or a math function
  5. Enter your explanation into the field below
  6. Click on "Save" when you're finished

After you click on save, the requesting student will receive a notification in their dashboard to view your explanation. 

Note that any student (yours, someone else's or independent) on Piqosity will be able to see your explanation in the future when viewing this question.