On the quiz results screen, you (students) can also 

  1. Request an answer explanation
  2. Flag a question as broken or incorrect

You should make a request if you don't understand the existing answer explanation or there isn't already an explanation. Your request will get sent to a) your teacher on Piqosity (if applicable) and b) all educators associated with the subject you're practicing. 

However, if you think a question is broken or wrong, you should flag it so that a Piqosity editor can address your concerns. Some common reasons to flag a question include:
  • A required picture isn’t showing up properly
  • None of the answer choices are correct
  • There aren’t enough answer choices 
  • The question is poorly worded
  • The formatting is bad
  • The grammar is bad

Once your request or flag has been answered or addressed, you'll receive a notification via e-mail and on your student dashboard (coming soon).