Piqosity is the ultimate all-in-one learning platform for students seeking to improve their academics. From high school students preparing for their ACT or SAT to elementary school students hoping to get ahead in math or ELA, Piqosity has features designed to offer more insight than ever into a student’s academic journey. 

Note: Understanding the Student Dashboard is a great resource for understanding where you can find these features

Primary Student Features:

  1. Take Piqosity’s Mini-Diagnostic practice test.

  2. Use the Review page to see how you did. 

  3. Enable Piqosity’s Virtual Tutor for help navigating the course.

  4. Work on your weak areas with Lessons and Related Questions.

  5. Do Personalized Practice to reinforce concepts.

  6. Periodically take Full-Length Tests to assess your standing.

  7. Use Piqosity’s Stats to track your progress.

  8. Watch out for incoming Assignments if you’re working with a tutor or teacher.

  9. Engage with the Piqosity community on the Forum and Leaderboard.

1. Take Piqosity’s Mini-Diagnostic Test.

Every course on Piqosity includes a Mini-Diagnostic Test. This short exam is designed to gauge the student’s current understanding of the course material. The Mini Diagnostic is available to all accounts – including the free Community account – in order to give everyone an idea of what our platform offers. 

  1. From the Dashboard, click the “Tests” button in the Quick Access Bar. 

  2. Next, click the green “Start” button to the right of the test labeled “Mini Diagnostic Test”.

  3. Finish the test and answer the questions in the self-assessment. Then, click "Submit".

2. Use the Review page to see how you did. 

Upon completion of any test or quiz you’ll be taken to Piqosity’s Review page. This page will describe your overall accuracy, scaled score, pacing, and question breakdown by subtopic. 

To access the review page via the “Tests” tab perform the following steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the “Tests” button in the Quick Access Bar. 

  2. Next, click the blue “Review” button to the right of the test you want to review.

To Access the Review page via the “Review” tab perform the following steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the “Review” button in the Quick Access Bar. 

  2. Select “Tests” from the options under “Review Activities”.

  3. Select the test which you would like to review. 

3. Enable Piqosity’s Virtual Tutor (PVT) for guidance navigating the course. 

PVT brings the benefits of a classroom setting with data-tracking to a students’ prep. PVT uses your target score and test date to create a personalized study plan for a student. As the student works through material, PVT will adapt in real time to monitor weak areas and suggest lessons. 

  1. From the Dashboard, click “Start Module” at the bottom of the PVT tile. 

  2. Enter a goal score in percentile terms (i.e. 1% means scoring in the top 99th percentile for a test or course). 

  3. Enter the student’s test date or course conclusion date. 

  4. Enter the number of sessions per week that the student can commit to. 

  5. Based on these inputs, PVT will provide a predicted schedule. If the schedule is reasonable, then click “Yes, Save”. Otherwise, click “No, Go Back” and adjust your settings.

  6. PVT will automatically enter the first module. Each module will include a lesson, related questions, and general practice in order to ensure the student stays fresh on previous topics.

4. Address weak areas with Lessons and Related Questions.

While PVT is a great resource to add structure to a students’ prep, some students may prefer to work independently. In this case, students should use the Review feature to assess their weak areas from the Mini Diagnostic and then dive into Piqosity’s relevant Lessons. 

  1. From the Dashboard, click the “Lessons” button in the Quick Access Bar. 

  2. This page shows the Course Outline, which can be expanded to show each topic’s subtopics. Every subtopic contains at least one written or video lesson plus related questions.

  3. Upon clicking the desired subtopic, Piqosity will pull up relevant lessons and questions. 

Students can view these lessons to tighten up their understanding and solidify concepts with a few related questions.

5. Do Personalized Practice to reinforce concepts. 

Working through questions attached to lessons is a great way to quickly test your understanding, but Personalized Practice should be used for reinforcement and general practice. Personalized Practice generates quizzes that are tailored to your weak areas. You can also edit the practice settings to specify what you’d like to work on. 

  • To quickly enter Personalized Practice from your Dashboard, simply click one of the labels below the score donuts on your dashboard.

  • If you want to specify the settings for your Personalized Practice, then click the “Practice” button in the Quick Access Bar, and fill in your desired settings.

6. Periodically take Piqosity’s Full-Length Practice Tests to assess your standing. 

Taking a full-length test on Piqosity every few weeks will give both you and Piqosity an idea of how you’re progressing. This is a crucial step in your test prep journey. Make sure that you follow up on each test with a thorough review. Finding the questions you missed or marked and reading answer explanations is crucial for your understanding. 

  • To take one of Piqosity’s full-length tests simply click the “Tests” button in the Dashboard’s Quick Access Bar. Then, click the green “Start” button next to the test that you’d like to take. 

  • If you’d like to retake a test that you’ve already taken, simply click the green “Retake” button. Don’t worry - Piqosity will hold your data from each attempt.  

Note: the lock button next to each test allows or disallows Piqosity to use that test’s questions in Personalized Practice. We recommend keeping several tests locked to ensure that you can use them as full-length practice tests. Otherwise, you may recognize some of the test’s questions from your personalized practice quizzes.


7. Use Piqosity’s Stats to track your progress. 

Piqosity’s Progress Report will tell your average score, weakest area and subtopic, and pacing. It will also give a prediction of the number of hours of practice you have left based on how much of the course you’ve covered. 

  • To view the Progress Report, find the tabbed Dashboard tile which contains PVT, and click on the tab with the chart on it. 

  • To see even more detailed performance statistics click on “more stats” in the bottom right corner of the Progress Report tile. 

8. Watch out for incoming Assignments if you’re working with a tutor or teacher. 

For students who are using Piqosity in conjunction with a teacher or tutor, your educator can send over assignments for you to work on. These assignments can include lessons or questions; question-based sections of assignments could involve short quizzes or even full-length tests. 

  • To view any assignments your linked educator has created, simply click on the “Assignments” button in the Dashboard’s Quick Access Bar. 

9. Engage with the Piqosity Community on the Forum or Leaderboard.

The Piqosity Forum allows you to connect with students and parents who are also using Piqosity for their classes and test preparations

Meanwhile, the Leaderboard shows how you measure up against Piqosity’s top students and educators in each course. 

  • To access Piqosity’s Forum or Leaderboard, click on their corresponding buttons in the Banner at the top of any page in Piqosity.