The primary ways for students to work through questions on Piqosity are quizzes and tests. 

  • Quizzes are typically short, customizable practice sets, and they are created with Piqosity's Personalized Practice feature.
  • Tests are typically longer, and they contain pre-set questions. Students access tests via the "Test" button in the Quick Access Bar on Piqosity's Dashboard.

In this article we'll cover how to

  • Start a quiz
  • Start a test
  • Work through the Quiz/Test Question Interface

If you'd like to alter your time preferences for tests or quizzes, then check out our article on changing timer settings.

Starting a Quiz

1. From the Dashboard click on the "Practice" button in Piqosity's Quick Access Bar. 

2. Enter the settings you would like to use for the quiz:

  • Course - Then general course you've signed up for on Piqosity (ELA 5, Math 5, ISEE Lower Level, etc.). This is only relevant for individuals with multiple courses.
  • Topic - The topic is the general area of the course that you'd like to focus on. For the ISEE, the 5 topics correspond to the 5 test sections.
  • Style - Choose from a variety of style options for the quiz -  certain styles will open or lock other customizability settings. 
  • # of Questions - Select the question count for the quiz

Advanced and Manual Options are designed to allow even further customizability such as which educators your questions will come from or which subtopics you want from your topics (i.e. fractions as a subtopic of Quantitative Reasoning). 

3. Once you've entered your desired settings, click the green "Start Exam" button to begin. 

For further information on Personalized Practice check out Creating Adaptive or Individualized Quizzes.

Starting a Test

1. From the Dashboard click on the "Tests" button in Piqosity's Quick Access Bar. 

2. From the Full-Length Tests page simply click the green "Start" button next to the test which you'd like to take. If you'd like to take a test that you've already worked through, then you'll see a "Retake" button. Don't worry - Piqosity will save your data from multiple attempts at the same test. 

For help with completing a test or quiz, check out our article on Navigating Piqosity's Question Interface