The test-taking page contains many helpful features to navigate a test or practice set:

  1. The "Mark" button is helpful if you're unsure of your answer and want to come back to the question later if time remains. Clicking on the button turns the question number red in the window footer.
  2. The question timer under the mark button counts up to tell you how long you've spent on that particular question.
  3. The section timer in the footer counts down to tell you how much time remains in this part of the test. You can adjust how much time you're given (i.e. standard, 1.5x, 2x) in "timer settings."
  4. The green <> arrows in boxes only move the pagination buttons 10 questions at a time; this is helpful to move quickly between the test if, for example, you're looking for marked or unanswered questions. You can click on any number to go directly to that question. 
  5. The question number color coding in the window footer of the pages indicate different things:
    1. Dark gray means the you've selected an answer
    2. Light gray means that the question is unanswered
    3. Red means that you've marked the question to come back to
    4. Yellow means that's the start of a new test section
  6. The < button in the circle moves the question view back by one question
  7. The pause button stops all timers; click it again to resume the timer.
  8. The next button moves the question view forward by one question. This button changes to a red submit button when you've reached the last question of the test.