Once you (educators) add students to your classes, you'll be able monitor their progress including viewing their student dashboard just as they see it. This access enables you to see detailed performance analytics including sub-topic level strengths and weaknesses, date of last log in, and what the student actually did. 

To add a student, make sure that you're logged in to your dashboard and viewing the class to which you want to add them, then:

  1. Click on either the green "Invite Student" button or "Copy Invite Link"
  2. If you click on "Copy Invite Link," you'll receive a notification that the link has been copied to your clipboard. Simply paste the link wherever you want to share (such as an e-mail, website, or social network). Any student who clicks through that link will be asked to join your class. If they are not already registered, they will be asked to do so first. 

If you click on the "Add Student" button, you'll see this pop-up.

In the student field, you can enter either an e-mail address or a name. If that student is already registered, Piqosity will suggest them in the list below. If the student is not already registered, Piqosity will send an e-mail asking them to do so. After they register, they will be asked to join your class. 

Students must agree to join your class.

Note that for large companies or schools, your account may have ben provisioned by your administrator and students already assigned to you. In this case, you will not need to add students nor will students have to accept an invitation.