If a student has a Piqosity account that is linked to a tutor or teacher, then that student can receive and work assignments from their educator. 

These educators can create and send assignments to students to be completed by a particular due date.

Assignments are divided by sections, and they can contain only 1 section or multiple sections. Each section will contain one of the following:

  • Concept lessons to review
  • Practice questions to work
  • Full-length tests to work

Viewing Assignments 

Students can see new assignments and start working through them from the Assignments Page, which is accessible from the dashboard:

The student Assignments Page is shown below with annotations for each element.

  1. Outstanding Assignments Tab - This shows all of the assignments that you have not completed.
  2. Completed Assignments Tab - This shows all of the assignments that you have completed.
  3. Name - The name of the assignment, given by the assigning educator.
  4. From - The name of the educator who created and sent the assignment.
  5. Instructions - A preview of the instructions written by your educator for the assignment. These will also show up on the first page of the assignment.
  6. Questions - The number of questions on the assignment. Note: lesson sections in assignments do not have any questions attached to them. An assignment containing only lessons will show "0" questions.
  7. Assigned - When the assignment was created.
  8. Due - The assignment's due date, selected by the educator.
  9. Start Button - Click here to be taken to the instructions page of the assignment.

Navigating an Assignment

The first page you see when you start an assignment is the instructions page.

  1. Assignment Contents Dropdown - This dropdown shows the assignment outline and it appears on every page of the assignment. Use this dropdown if you need to skip around in the assignment or jump back to previous sections.
  2. Instructions - Here you can read the instructions that your educator wrote for this assignment.
  3. Assignment Layout Table - This table shows an outline of the assignment, including the number of questions on each section and the predicted time for each section. Note: Lessons are not time-restrict; the time value is simply Piqosity's estimate for how long the lesson will take.
  4. Next Button - The "Next" button will take you from one section of an assignment to the next. It will also allow you to navigate to the next question while working quizzes or tests within the assignment.