Tutors and teachers can now upload their own lessons and questions to use alongside or in lieu of Piqosity's more than 20,000 questions and lessons. 

Note that this ability to Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) is a beta, rapidly evolving expansion of Piqosity's core app features scheduled for release through Spring of 2022. We appreciate your understanding and feedback as we work hard to release these updates:

  1. Content Management Page (Live from 1/1/22)
  2. Question Editor (Live from 1/1/22; Update planned for February)
  3. Lesson Editor (Live from 1/1/22; Update planned for March)
  4. Private Questions (Live from 1/1/22)
  5. Private Lessons (Live from 1/28/22)
  6. Full Length Test Builder (Planned for May)
  7. New Assignment Builder (Planned for May)
  8. New Educator Dashboard (Planned for May)

Manage Content 

To access the Content Management page, click on "Content" in the green nav bar at the top of the page. From this page you'll be able to:

  1. See all content that you've already created on Piqosity including questions, lessons, answer explanations, and QNA discussions.
  2. Add a new lesson
  3. Add a new question

Writing a New Question

The New Question page allows you to write your own questions and attach them to Piqosity's course outlines. 

Question Type and Course Topic 

  • Single Question is a question that stands alone and is not grouped with other questions
  • Passage-Based Question (PBQ) is a group of questions usually accompanied by a common reading passage or infographic

Question Attributes

  • Subtopic - select one subtopic that most closely matches your question. As subtopics are not currently customizable, please provide your feedback in our Forum if you think we should have more or different subtopics.
  • Difficulty - select from 1 (easy) to 5 (medium) to 9 (hard). 
  • Dynamic Difficulty - Piqosity will automatically replace your selected difficulty with a peer-normed difficulty level after many students have answered your questions; the exact number varies by course and is still in flux.
  • EVAD - is the expected versus actual difficulty and is calculated by subtracting the dynamic difficulty rating from the manually selected rating. Any question with an EVAD greater than +/- 2 (1 standard deviation) should probably be re-evaluated to determine why the actual difficulty is so different from your planned difficulty.
  • Modular - controls whether or not this question can appear in Adaptive Practice versus in a full-length test. (You should not select "no" until the Test Builder feature is launched after February of 2022.)
  • Visibility - select "My Students" to keep this question private to only your or your organization's students. Select "All Students" if you want all students on Piqosity to be able to work your question. Allowing all students to work your question will allow for a faster and more precise Dynamic Difficulty store.

Answer Type

  • Multiple Choice - can include up to 5 answer choices or as few as two (true / false). Mark the radio button above the correct answer choice.
  • Free Response - you'll need to enter every acceptable variation of a correct answer. For example, a math question with the correct answer 4 might also accept "four" or "Four" or "4.0."
  • Essay - this type of question is not automatically scored by Piqosity, but the student's response is capture and shown in its entirety on the scored results page.

Working Your Questions (Students)

Your students can easily access your questions from Adaptive Practice:

  1. Access the Adaptive Practice setup screen from the green nav bar or student dashboard
  2. For educators, select "My Educators" or "Pick and Choose" and select your name

Note that for "My Educators" to work, the student must be:

  1. created by you
  2. or linked to your account