Below is a list of currently known issues. If your problem is not listed below, please check the support documentation or send us a ticket.

  • We generally make updates to Piqosity's app code early on Friday mornings CST.
  • We make content updates continuously. 

Updated October 15, 2021

  1. For Students Who Log-In and See an Error Page, we are aware of an issue where some older student accounts log-in and see an error page with the corgi pilot image. This error is caused by out-dated stats on the student dashboard. To work around the issue, copy and paste this URL into your browser window: and select an option from the navigation bar.
  2. For Teacher Assignments to Students, we are aware of an intermittent issue when assigning sections of full-length tests. Sometimes you will receive a 500 error. This issue is related to mismatching student statistics. Please send us a ticket if you encounter this issue and we can manually fix it until we develop a permanent, code-based fix.
  3. For Organization Administrators, the course view action buttons (three dots) is not working all the time. To fix this intermittent issue, refresh the browser page. We are working on a permanent fix.