Paid Piqosity courses for ISEE, ACT, and SAT include at least 10 full-length practice tests. However, you may decide that you'd prefer to use Piqosity's Personalized Practice feature instead of taking Full-Length Tests.

By default, tests 1-8 are locked. This means that the questions within them can only be taken as part of a full-length test, and they will not show up in Personalized Practice.

When Piqosity runs out of questions to show you in Personalized Practice you'll receive a message saying "No Content to Display". Oftentimes, this can be fixed by unlocking tests. 

Please note: Sometimes you'll receive "No Content to Display" because your Personalized Practice settings are too specific, and Piqosity doesn't have enough questions that meet your criteria (i.e. asking for 25 Number Theory questions). 

To unlock a test's questions so that Piqosity can access them for Personalized Practice, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Full-Length Test Page
  2. Look on the far right under the "Action Column"
  3. Click on the blue symbol for a padlock. 

You can also re-lock a test by clicking on the padlock symbol again.