Beneath every question on Piqosity is a virtual whiteboard or scratch field. This area allows students to "do their work" as if they had as sheet of scratch paper nearby. Any work the student does in this space will be saved for later review. 

  1. The whiteboard can be found in either of two places:
    1. In the "Scratch" tab beneath a passage-based question like on the ISEE, SAT, or ACT reading tests or
    2. Beneath the text "Do your scratch work here" for a stand-alone question like a math problem. 
  2. A set of tools appear above the whiteboard:
    1. Color Picker to switch between black, blue, or red "ink"
    2. Diameter drop down to choose the thickness of pencil or eraser lines
    3. Pencil/ Pen tool
    4. Eraser
    5. Back and Forward buttons for undoing or redoing changes
    6. Clear button to completely erase the whiteboard
    7. Paste Question Image button to "copy and paste" an image from the question to the whiteboard (i.e. if a math question has a  diagram of a triangle, students can paste that diagram onto the whiteboard to draw on)
  3. The whiteboard is scrollable in the event that the student's screen is too small to contain the full image. Sometimes these scroll bars are invisible--like an iPad--but are generally found in the space just to the outside of the whiteboard border. 

Special Functions for Passage-Based Questions

The whiteboard function enables students to mark up reading passages as If they were using a sheet of paper. 

To access the whiteboard, students click on the "Scratch" tab.

Any mark-ups that a student makes to the passage will be reflected in all other questions associated with the passage.

If the mark-ups are not visible in subsequent images, please ensure that the "Scratch" tab is selected. 

Viewing Saved Scratch Work

All scratch work is saved in the database so that students and their educators may review it later.

When reviewing scored questions, the presence of saved scratch work is indicated by a blue "Scratch" button underneath the question number and timer. If the button is gray, that means there is no saved scratch work to view.

Simply click on the blue "Scratch" button to view the saved scratch work.