The "More Stats" page provides a wealth of statistics to provide students with a detailed analysis of their performance.

To access the "More Stats" page, click on "more stats" in the dashboard container titled "Course Outline." 

Statistics Shown Include

  1. Score Estimate Line Chart
  2. Recent Practice Bar Chart
  3. Pacing Donuts
  4. Statistics by Topic and Sub-Topic
    1. Estimated Test-Day Score (based off of last 100 scored questions)
    2. Improvement from Baseline Score (all time)
    3. Baseline Score (based off of first 25 scored questions per topic)
    4. Number of Questions Worked (all time)
    5. Average Time Spent per Question (last 25 questions)
    6. Percent Accuracy (all time)
    7. Average Difficulty of Questions Worked (all time)
    8. Date of Last Practice (all time)

In particular, students should pay close attention to:

  • Score Estimate - The score Piqosity thinks the student will earn on the actual test.
  • Pacing - The percentage of questions Piqosity thinks the student will be able to complete.
  • Improvement from Baseline - How much the student has improved.

Score Estimate is the student's predicted test-day score and is based off of the last 100 questions the student worked, and this line chart is shown for the last 30 days only.

Recent Practice is a bar chart that shows the number of questions a student answered correctly, incorrectly, or skipped for practice sets completed within the last 30 days. 

Pacing shows donuts as an average across all test topics and for each topic individually. The statistics are based off of the last 25 questions a student worked in each topic.

  • A percentage of less than 100% means that at a student's current pace, they will not complete a section. For example, if a student has 10 minutes to complete 10 questions (60 seconds per question) but actually spends 90 seconds per question, then the donut will show "50%," meaning that the student will likely only complete 50% of a section at their current pace.
  • A percentage of more than 100% means that the student is completing a section with time to spare. Students want to have enough time to complete a section, but they should not be working so fast as to make sloppy mistakes. 

Baseline Score is the student's starting point on Piqosity. It's automatically calculated from the student's first 25-scored questions in each topic.

Improvement from Baseline Score is the difference between the Estimated Test-Day Score and the Baseline Score. It's a measurement of, hopefully, how much a student has progressed while studying with Piqosity. You want this number to be positive!