We are aware of an issue with the most recent versions of Apple Safari on Mac and iPad.

When you click on "submit" to score a practice set or quiz, you might see these actions:

  1. A pop-up says, "You must be logged in"
  2. You are redirected to the student dashboard
  3. Another pop-up says, "You're already signed in"

Note, that your answers are saved correctly, and that nothing was lost. 

To view the results of your test from the student dashboard:

  1. Click on "Full-Length Tests" and "review" if you just took a full-length test, or
  2. Click on "Review Past Practice" if you just did an adaptive practice set or assignment

This issue appears to be happening on Safari only and occurs when the student answers questions too quickly. 

If you have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you should not encounter this problem.