We aware that some features of Piqosity do not work properly in Internet Explorer and/ or employer-issued computers such as:

  1. Test Timer
  2. ABCD letters next to answer choices

To Resolve this Issue

  1. Do not use Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari.
  2. Do not use a company-issued computer or disable the security software

Internet Explorer is an outdated browser that was replaced with Microsoft Edge in January of 2015. Windows users should update their computers to either Edge or Google Chrome.

Additionally, we have some reports that some corporate security software at very large firms may be preventing some of our application from working. We believe that the reason is because the security software is blocking our JavaScript.

If you’re having trouble on your corporate computer, please use a computer not subject to your employer’s security protocols such as a personal computer or tablet.

Google Chrome is available as a free download at:


You can also use Safari on a Mac or iPad; however, Piqosity is not optimized for use on a mobile phone or any tablet with a screen smaller than 8 inches.