One of the strategies you (students) should know about and practice when taking a multiple choice test is to eliminate the answer choices you are fairly sure are incorrect. Doing so gives you a greater chance of selecting the correct answer if you're forced to guess.

To facilitate this strategy, Piqosity offers the ability to eliminate answer options:

  1. A green, "eliminate" button appears next to each option choice. Clicking on the "eliminate" button causes the answer option to clear, and the button changes to gray.
  2. You can re-click the now gray, "eliminated" button to bring back the answer choice. 

Note that you must still click on A,B,C,D to select your answer. It is not enough to eliminate all but one of the answer choices.

After your exam is scored, you can see a record of which answer choices you eliminated; this is particularly helpful if you're working with a parent or tutor, and they want to understand your process.