On the Profile Page, you can edit the settings for your educator profile.

Every tutor or teacher can create a free listing page on Piqosity. This listing page is viewable from the Leaderboard or from your custom URL. The listing is a great way to attract new clients who registered directly on Piqosity without a tutor or organization.

You can even use this listing as your public web page as the URL will be customized like this:


To get to the "Profile" Page: 

Organization Profile Primary Components

  1. Cover Image
  2. Biographical Details
  3. Courses Taught w/ Ranking
  4. Contact Information
  5. Location with Map

To edit the page, click on the "Edit" button in the top right:

Cover Image

The cover image is a big graphic that you can use to capture the viewer's attention and should probably be a picture of you. It should be compelling yet authentic and informative. We recommend a minimum image size of at least 300px by 200px; however, bigger images will scale better on increasingly high resolution screens.

Biographical Details

There are three main fields here:

  • Name as you want it to appear
  • Education such as your degree/s and from where you earned them
  • Location, which can be different from the address of your organization (if applicable)
  • An "About" field where you can say anything you want

Courses Taught w/ Ranking

This container shows each of your attached courses plus your Leaderboard ranking in each course if applicable. There's no way to edit the information in this container.

Contact Information

Everything is optional but can include:

  • Website URL
  • E-Mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address, which will generate a Google Map

Note that if you are part of an organization like a school or tutoring company, you will not see this container as it is replaced by your organization's contact information.