Students can take both full-length practice tests and adaptive/ individualized quizzes on Piqosity:

  • Full-length tests are created by editors to mimic an actual exam and as such the questions and order never change for any student.
  • Adaptive practice is created algorithmically and on-demand according to the student's demonstrated weaknesses or specifications. 

To take an adaptive or individualized quiz:

  1. On the student dashboard, click on the "Practice" button.
  2. On the "Adaptive Practice Setup" screen:
    1. You can specify how many and what type of questions you want.
    2. If you make no selections, Piqosity will automatically create a quiz based on your demonstrated weaknesses.
  3. Click on Start Exam!

There are some limitations to creating adaptive practice:

There must be available questions for Piqosity to create a quiz. 

  • Questions for adaptive practice come from full-length tests and/or Piqosity's general database. If you receive the error message, "No questions to display," you should unlock some full-length tests to gain access to more questions.
  • Only questions that the student has not answered correctly are shown.

Passage-based questions cannot be broken up into individual questions for adaptive practice.  For example, you cannot ask Piqosity to give you "20 main idea questions," because that would mean you would have to read a 600-word passages just to answer 1 question, which is a poor use of effort! Passage-based questions include:

  • ISEE Reading Comprehension
  • ACT Reading, English, Science
  • SAT Reading, Writing & Language

If you select a topic that includes passage-based questions, you will receive all of the questions associated with that passage regardless of the number of questions you selected at setup. 

For further help using the test-taking tools, click here.