Piqosity enables administrators to self-register and manage their educators and students while also benefitting from automatic group discounts

This guide explains the fundamentals of getting started with Piqosity as an organization administrator. Registering your organization with Piqosity, creating an educator, and adding your first student should only take a matter of minutes.


  1. Creating your organization account
  2. Adding a Tutor/Teacher
  3. Adding a Student

Step 1 - Creating your organization's account

First, head over to https://app.piqosity.com/users/sign_up and under "What type of user are you?" select "Tutoring Company/School.

Proceed to fill out each field:

  • Company or School Name is the name that will show up in your Piqosity banner for all users. This can be changed later in your settings.
  • Sub-Domain is your customized "mycompany.piqosity.com" URL.
  • Primary Course is the first course (i.e. Upper Level ISEE, SAT, Algebra 2, etc.) that will be added to your organization.
  • Upload a company logo if you would like (this can also be done later).
  • Name and Job Title should be your (the organization admin's) name and current job title.
  • The Email should be your (the organization admin's) email address. Note: this email must not be used anywhere else on Piqosity.
  • City/Zip is the location of your organization. You must select a location from the dropdown (if you don't see your exact location, then choose the nearest recognized location).
  • Password is the password that you'll use (alongside your email) to log in to Piqosity (tutors and students in your organization will have their own passwords).

Upon joining you will receive a verification email from Piqosity. You must verify your email before continuing to your account. 

Step 2 - Adding your first Tutor/Teacher

Upon successful creation and verification of your account you'll be taken to the Admin Dashboard. This Dashboard is similar to the layout that your tutors and teachers will see. However, as the org admin your account has organization-wide features. To see all the features available to organization administrators on Piqosity, check out our article on the Administrator Dashboard

Your account will already come with one "Demo Teacher", and creating additional educator accounts is entirely free. To add your own educators follow the steps below. 

  1. Start by clicking on the "Tutors" tab: 
  2. Click on the green "Add Tutor" button. 
  3. You have two options for adding a tutor:
    1. If the tutor already has a Piqosity account, then click on "Invite Tutor" and add their information exactly as it appears on Piqosity.
    2. If the tutor is new to Piqosity, then fill out the required information to create their account. Don't worry, the tutor can change their name and password later through their Profile Settings. The tutor's email must not exist elsewhere on Piqosity or an error will occur. 

Once you've entered the tutor's information select "Add Tutor" (for new tutors) or "Invite Tutor" (for existing tutors). Invited tutors must accept your invitation before they're a part of your organization.

Step 3 - Adding your first Student

The Administrator is the only individual within an organization that can create student accounts. You can add students with an individual upload or with a batch upload. Typically, the individual student upload is used unless you are adding multiple students at once to your account. 

Note: before adding students to a paid course you must first add a credit or debit card to your account.

To get started adding students with the individual upload method:

  1. Select the "Students" tab from your Administrator Dashboard.
  2. Click on the green "Add Student" button and, when prompted, select "Add Single Student".    
  3. From the Add Student Modal
    1. Enter the student's relevant information.
      • The student can edit their information after they've been created by accessing their Profile Settings.
      • The student's email must not exist elsewhere on Piqosity or an error will occur.
    2. Select the student's courses.
      • You can add as many courses to the student's profile as you would like; at the bottom of the modal Piqosity will indicate the total cost based on your group discount
      • Note: the cost will not show until you have selected teachers for each selected course.
    3. Select the student's teachers. You must assign one teacher per course that you select for the student. The same student can have several different teachers (i.e. one teacher for ISEE and a different one for ELA). 

For more information on uploading students and how to batch upload many students at once click here.