Piqosity for or organizations enables administrators to self-register and manage their educators and students while also benefitting from automatic discounts.

This guide explains the pertinent steps that administrators should follow to set up their organization (tutoring company/ school) on Piqosity. Registering and setting up the organization's first educator and student should take less than 5 minutes.

Note that the itemized steps below only highlight major items; some steps like "name and contact information" are omitted from the guide below for easier reading but are still required.

Summary of Steps

  1. Create your organization's account
  2. Add or invite a tutor/teacher
  3. Add or invite a student

Step 1 - Create Your Organization Account


  1. Sub-domain is your customized "mycompany.piqosity.com" URL
  2. Your logo will appear on the log-in page at mycompany.piqosity.com
  3. Your e-mail address must not be used anywhere else on Piqosity (i.e. as a tutor or student)

Step 2 - Add or Invite a Tutor/Teacher

  1. Click on the "Add Tutor" button at the bottom of your Dashboard
  2. "Add New Tutor" creates a brand new user on Piqosity. 
  3. Use the "Invite Tutor" option if you want to link an account which is already registered.

Step 3 - Add Student

  1. Click on the "Add Students" button at the bottom on the right side of your Dashboard
  2. Note that the e-mail must not already be registered on Piqosity; if the student previously registered, it's best to create a new account to ensure your group discount is accurately calculated.
  3. If you select a paid course, you will first need to add a credit or debit card to your account. When you add a student to your organization, your card is charged immediately; there is no free-trial period. If you want to see what Piqosity's student platform is like without paying, start by registering yourself as a student instead.
  4. You must assign a student to at least one educator, but you can also assign the same student to multiple educators (i.e. one tutor for math and a different tutor for reading)
  5. You must also assign a student to class. It's okay if your organization doesn't have actual classes in the traditional sense; "class" is just another way to organize students and is required for Piqosity to properly calculate statistics.
  6. Your course fees are calculated according to your organization's automatic group discount. Fees only apply to paid courses; you won't be charged anything if you are only using free courses.