On the Profile Page, you can edit the settings both for yourself as the Organization Administrator and for your organization as a whole.

Every tutoring company and school can create a free listing page on Piqosity. This listing page is viewable from the Leaderboard or from your organization's custom URL. The listing is a great way to attract new clients who registered directly on Piqosity without an organization.

You can even use this listing as your public web page as the URL will be customized like this:


To get to the "Profile" Page:

Organization Profile - Four Primary Components

  1. Cover Image
  2. Tutors by Course
  3. Organization Details
  4. Map
  5. Account Administrator Details

Cover Image

The cover image is a big graphic that you can use to capture the viewer's attention. It should be compelling yet authentic and informative. We recommend a minimum image size of at least 300px by 200px; however, bigger images will scale better on bigger screens.

Tutors by Course

This container shows all of your linked educators on Piqosity including their Leaderboard ranking. Viewers can filter the list by course using the buttons on top. Your organization's profile will look very impressive if you have multiple, highly ranked educators!

Note that when a viewer clicks on the profile of one of your linked educators, they will see the contact information for your organization and not for the individual (see below).

Educators also have their own, customizable profile pages. However, their profiles will show your company's contact information with one exception--the educators have the ability to customize the location field in the event your company's geography spans multiple neighborhoods or even cities.

Organization Information

This container is where viewers will find out how to contact you and includes:

  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Physical Address 

Note that you do not have to complete all the fields, and anything you do not fill out will simply show up as blank. 


This Google map is processed from the physical address you entered in the "Organization Listing Details." Your address needs to be in standard form so that it can be read by Google Maps. For example, Piqosity's address is "2429 Bartlett St., Houston, TX 77098."

Account Administrator Details

If you're reading this article, you are probably the Account/ Organization Administrator, so this is where you could put your details. Or you could use this area to highlight the face of the company like the owner or primary client contact. 

Customizable information includes your Name, title, and an "about section." Use the "About" section to say something about yourself that will attract clients to your organization.