All tutoring companies and schools are automatically enrolled in our Group Discount program.

The group discount is automatically applied for each new student that you add and depends on two factors:

  1. How many valid students are currently on your account across all courses
  2. What course are you purchasing

A valid student is a student user with a paid course license purchased within the last 365 days. Students enrolled in free courses are not considered valid for the purpose of calculating your group discount.

To get to the Mange Licenses page:

  1. In the green navigation menu, on the top right, click on the name dropdown (which should be your username)
  2. Click on "Manage Licenses"

Here's an explanation of the information on the Manage Licenses page:

  1. How many valid students are on your account across all courses; this number is used to calculated your group discount
  2. How many valid students are in each course
  3. The average amount you have paid for each of your student licenses in this course
  4. How much a new student will cost when added to this course
  5. A button to add a new student
  6. A table showing the average cost of a new student in your current group discount bracket