After adding tutors or teachers to your organization, you can start to add students. 

There are two ways to add students to your organization:

  1. "Add" a student who has not previously registered on Piqosity by creating their account
  2. "Invite" a student who is already registered on Piqosity
    1. As an organization administrator, the default method to add a student is by creating one that is not previously registered. If you wish to invite a student who is already registered on Piqosity, then you must do so through a tutor's account.
    2. If you invite a student, the student must accept your invitation from the alerts page within their account.

There are two pages from which you can add educators:

  1. From the dashboard, click on "Add Students" at the bottom of the "Active Students" table
  2. From the "Students" page, click on either "+ New Student" in the blue box at the top of the page

Refer to the annotated screenshot for more details:

  1. Enter the student's basic information including a password; the student can always change their password later (note that many families prefer to use a parent's email address).
  2. Select the course the student will be studying on Piqosity; you can select more than one like both ACT and SAT.
  3. Assign a tutor or teacher to the student; you can assign more than one educator like both a math tutor and a verbal tutor.
  4. Assign the student to a tutor's class. Don't think of a class like a physical classroom or a test prep course; a "class" on Piqosity is just how we group students for reporting reasons. You or the educator can always move the student to a different class/ group later. 
  5. Piqosity will calculate what fees you will be charged (if any) based off of the course/s selected and your current group discount.
  6. Click on "Purchase" to finish creating the student.
  7. (Provide the student with their user credentials)