After creating your organization account, you must add tutors or teachers before you can start adding students. 

There are two ways by which you can add educators:

  1. "Invite" an educator who is already registered on Piqosity
  2. "Add" an educator who has not previously registered on Piqosity

If you invite a tutor, the tutor must accept your invitation. When they accept your invitation, any students that are attached their account will also automatically become part of your organization.

To add an educator

  1. Click on the Tutors tab from the admin dashboard. 
  2. From the tutors tab click on the "Add Tutor" button. 

Refer to the annotated screenshot for more details:

  1. Toggle between "Add" or "Invite" by clicking on one of these buttons
  2. Enter the tutor's name as it will appear on Piqosity.
  3. Enter the tutor's email. Note: if you are inviting a tutor who is already on Piqosity, then the email you enter must exactly match their account's email.
  4. You must create a password when adding a tutor (but not when inviting); the tutor can always change it later