Every full length test and adaptive practice set can be downloaded as a PDF for easy printing.

To generate and download the PDF file, simply click on the print icon on these pages:

  • Full-Length Tests and Review Past Practice pages (see diagram below)
  • Directions page of a practice set (see diagram below)

Please note that the PDFs are automatically generated, and the formatting will not be the same as on an actual test. 

Full-Length Tests:

Personalized Practice:

To score your PDF, simply start the test in Piqosity and input your answer choices.

We recommend using the paper printout in tandem with the online application. The paper can be helpful to take notes and do work, but the online app is still invaluable in keeping track of time, automatically scoring, and analyzing your results.

Download Bubble Answer Sheets

The following answer sheets are formatted specifically to align with Piqosity's numbering: