Tutors and Teachers can assign their students problem sets of hand-picked questions with due dates. The assignable questions come from your Question Bank:

  • The content in the Question Bank is unique to each course (i.e. SAT questions will not show up in your ACT course question bank).
  • Questions you contribute to Piqosity is automatically added to the course-specific question bank. 
  • Questions you "Like" are also added to your question bank.
  • You can add questions to your Question Bank by browsing for them under the "Course" view or from the detail view of questions that you've created from the "Quizzes" view.

Here's how the Question Bank works: 

Step 1 - You'll find the course-specific Question Bank in the class view. Remember that the question-bank is unique to each course, but it is not unique to each class. For example, if you teach 5 sections of ACT prep, the question-bank will contain the same questions for all five classes.

Steps 2 & 3 - Browse for Questions:

  • 2 - In the navigation bar, click on "Courses"
  • 3 - Select the sub-toopic for which you want to select questions

Step 4 - Like the question. Once you select the detail view of a question, click on the "I Like it" button in the top right to add it to your Question Bank. 

Note that to add a passage-based-question, you must find one of the questions associated with the passage and like it. Once you like one of the questions from the passage, that passage and all associated questions will be added to your Question Bank. We don't currently have a way to simply like the passage.