The Student Leaderboard ranks the top active users (up to 25%) for each course according to the total points they have accrued by answering questions correctly:

  • 1 point for each "easy" difficulty questions
  • 3 points for each "medium" difficulty questions
  • 5 points for each"hard" difficulty questions

Students who are not among the top performers are not ranked. Active users are defined as students who have logged in at least once within the previous 6 months.

Ranked students are further divided into three groups denoted by colored badges:

  • Gold - Top 5% of active users in the course
  • Silver - Top 10% of active users in the course
  • Bronze - Remaining group of top, active users in the course

Students can opt to hide their information on the leaderboard by adjusting their privacy settings.

Note that users with the last name "Pup" or with images of corgis are generally Piqosity quality assurance users, test accounts that our engineers use to ensure that everything is working as it should (and naturally know all the answers). We apologize if these test users are ranking above you, but rest assured they are not actual students.

The Leaderboard also ranks tutors and teachers.