The Student Leaderboard ranks the top 25% of active users for each course according to the total points they have accrued by answering questions correctly:

  • 1 point for each "easy" difficulty questions
  • 3 points for each "medium" difficulty questions
  • 5 points for each"hard" difficulty questions

Students who are not in the top 25% are not ranked. Active users are defined as students who have logged in at least once within the previous 6 months.

Ranked students are further divided into three groups denoted by colored badges:

  • Gold - Top 5% of active users in the course
  • Silver - Top 10% of active users in the course
  • Bronze - Top 25% of active users in the course

Students can opt to hide their information on the leaderboard by adjusting their privacy settings.

The Leaderboard also ranks tutors and teachers.