Our Leaderboard allows you to see how your performance compares against all users on Piqosity and specifically against your selected friends. 

  1. In the green navigation bar at the top, click on "Leaderboard"
  2. Click on the course tab, which you want to view the Leaderboard for; note that you can only view the Leaderboard for a course which you are practicing in
  3. You'll see your own statistics (from left to right)
    1. Total number of points
    2. Easy points (1 point for each "easy" difficulty question you answer correctly)
    3. Medium points (3 points for each "medium" difficulty question you answer correctly)
    4. Hard points (5 points for each"hard" difficulty question you answer correctly
  4. Each course shows the top 10 students by total number of points. If you're fortunate enough to be make it on the Leaderboard, you can control what information gets shown here (including not appearing on the Leaderboard altogether) by adjusting your privacy settings.
    1. The user's photo
    2. Name
    3. City
    4. Grade Level
    5. School
  5. You can add friends to compete against and view their progress; they simply need to click through the link you provide and agree to your invitation.