After you submit your quiz for scoring, you'll be taken to the quiz results page:

  1. At the top of the page, you'll see statistics that show how you did on the quiz overall, from left to right:
    1. An estimated standardized test score (if practicing the ACT, SAT, or ISEE)
    2. The number of questions you got right overall
    3. The number of questions you got right in each tested sub-topic
    4. The breakdown of question difficulty
  2. The question numbers are color coded. A green background means you answered it correctly; red means that you answered it incorrectly.
  3. Many questions have a detailed answer explanation
  4. Each question has additional information such as:
    1. The sub-topic tested
    2. The difficulty level as determined by the question author
    3. The author of the question
    4. The percentage of students who answered the question correctly
On this page, you can also: