After taking a quiz or full-length test, Piqosity will score your exam and present you with a range of information. Depending on how many topics your exam tested, there will be multiple containers:

The top container always shows stats for the exam as a whole, including all topics.

  1. The top left donut shows your average predicted score across all scored topics on this exam. 
  2. The top pie chart shows a breakdown of correct, incorrect, and unanswered questions. Note that for scoring purposes, most tests including the ISEE, ACT, and SAT, consider unanswered questions simply incorrect (you should answer every question).
  3. The top bar chart shows the exam question breakdown by estimated difficulty level.
  4. The right donut shows your estimated pacing.
    1. Less than 100% means you would've run out of time on the actual test.
    2. More than 100% means you would've had time to spare.
  5. Total Questions refers to the total number of questions on the exam.
  6. Your Correct refers to the number of questions you answered correctly.
  7. Your Time shows the amount of time you spent on the exam.
  8. Allotted Time shows the maximum amount of time you could have spent.
  9. "Under (Over)" shows how much time you had to spare "Under" or how much time you went over the allotted time (Over).
    1. A green number shows that you had time to spare.
    2. A red number shows you went over time.
  10. The Sub-Topic Container will show you all of the subtopics or sections that were on your practice set or full-length test, how many questions came from each subtopic, and your accuracy in those subtopics.
  11. After viewing these high level statistics, you can also use the buttons at the bottom of the page to review each question.
    1. Blue numbers mean that you spent too long on this question. Note, that a blue number does not indicate whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly; you must click on the question to view your selection and the answer.
    2. Green numbers mean that you answered this question correctly.
    3. Red numbers mean that you answered this question incorrectly.

For full-length tests subsequent containers show the same type of information as the top container but only for the named section. 

For details on viewing individual questions check out our article on Viewing Answer Explanations