The Piqosity Dashboard is the first page that students see upon logging in, and it allows them to navigate to full-length tests, lessons, review pages, and much more. The dashboard's features are annotated below:

  1. The Banner
  2. Score Donuts
  3. Quick Access Bar
  4. Piqosity News
  5. Course Outline
  6. Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT), Stats, and Settings
  7. Profile Functions 

1. The Banner across the top of the screen allows you to toggle between different courses and pages of Piqosity.

  • Each course has its own unique dashboard; clicking “Course” in the Banner allows students to switch between courses or add a new course to their profile.
  • The “Content” tab allows students to access all of Piqosity’s practice interfaces: Personalized Practice, Assignments, Full-Length Tests, and Review pages. 
  • Alerts, Forum, and Leaders allow students to stay engaged with the Piqosity community. 

2. Score Donuts show students’ real-time score estimates for test day, including predictions for scores on a test’s or course’s subsections.

  • These scores are updated after every completed practice set and are based off of the last 100 scored questions in a topic.
  • Clicking the label underneath each donut generates personalized practice for the student in that particular subsection.


3. The Quick Access Bar provides easy access to Piqosity’s practice and lesson interfaces. 

  • Lessons come in video and written form, and they cover every topic in the students’ course. Lessons are grouped by subsection and have attached questions to verify understanding.

  • Practice creates personalized practice sets tailored to a students’ weaknesses or selected specifications. 

  • Tests correspond to Piqosity’s full-length exams and can only be found in paid course subscriptions. 

  • Assignments are quizzes and practice problems that can be created by a teacher or tutor who is linked to the students’ account. This page shows each assignment, who assigned it, and when it’s due. 

  • The Review page shows all of a student’s activity in a course in one place. The Review page is filterable by type of activity (tests, quizzes, lessons, etc.) or even down to individual questions. 

4. Piqosity News keeps students up to date with all of Piqosity’s latest news and blog articles related to their course. 

  • Blog articles are created and updated weekly. They always contain useful insights on schools, testing, and other academic highlights.

5. The Course Outline shows the structure of the course that you’re taking on Piqosity.

  • The outline can be toggled between a standard view or a personalized view that’s based on the student’s PVT settings. Clicking each main topic expands a list of subtopics that the course is broken down into.
  • The first three numbers to the right of each topic indicate the number of subtopics, lessons and questions within that topic. The percentage shows the student’s accuracy on that subtopic’s questions.

6. The Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT) creates a study plan for a student based on their desired goal score and other metrics. 

7. Clicking the student’s name in the top right corner opens Piqosity’s Profile Functions.

  • Students can change their personal information including their password and privacy settings. 
  • The “Payments” page shows a student’s course purchases and payment history. 
  • Students can also choose to upgrade any of their existing courses from the "Payments" by clicking “Upgrade” next to their desired course.