The Student Dashboard is the heart of Piqosity experience for learners. Everything starts and ends here.

  1. Start by clicking on a tab to select the course you want to study (invitations are covered in this article)
  2. To add a new course, click on the "+ Course" icon
  3. The % Goal Achieved is calculated according to the a) desired score and b) # of questions you said you wanted to accomplish when adding the course
  4. These statistics are for how you're performing in this subject (click here for methodology details)
    1. The purple box shows your predicted standardized test score (if applicable)
    2. The orange box shows your weighted score from 0 to 5, with 5 being best
    3. The pink box shows the total number of questions that you have worked in this subject
    4. The green box shows your accuracy across all questions worked
    5. The teal box shows your accuracy across just the last 100 questions worked
  5. This line chart plots your weighted score (orange box above) across the last 30 days
  6. There are three additional charts to help you evaluate your progress based off of the last ten practice quizzes you took (from left to right):
    1. "Last 10 Exam Performances" shows the breakdown of correct, incorrect, and unanswered questions
    2. "Last 10 Exams" shows the average amount of time in seconds that you spent on each question
    3. "Completion Estimate" predicts how likely you are to answer every question on the actual test day; green indicates the percentage of questions you'll likely get to while red indicates how many questions you're likely to miss
  7. Click on the "Practice" icon to take an approximately 25 question quiz across all topics and sub-topics
  8. Click on the "play" icon to take an approximately 10 to 15 question quiz just on the selected topic or sub-topic
  9. You can expand topics to reveal additional sub-topic statistics by clicking on the ">>"
  10. Every topic and sub-topic has the same statistics as #4 above but at the topic and sub-topic level
  11. Click on QandA to see a list of questions that you've requested answer explanations for; a number in red indicates that there's a new explanation waiting for you to review (see this article for info on how to request explanations)
  12. Click on "View Past Quizzes" to see a list of all of the previous quizzes you took (see this article for more info)
  13. Clicking on your name in the top right reveals additional functions like profile settings and sign-out